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Let your senior loved ones share in your life events.

Simply. Quickly. Personally.

Staying In Touch®


We help seniors enjoy and engage with what is happening in the lives of their distant friends and family.

Staying In Touch empowers the use of your mobile device to quickly create an "in the moment" visual story for your senior.
A Staying In Touch story provides a richer, more personal touch than email, texting or photo frames.
Sharing your story is simple, secure, private and easy for your recipient to watch using devices they already know how to use.


I'm a senior - how can I share in special moments with my distant family? 

Home screen for an elderly senior

Our app is secure, private, and easy to use!

We're a family - how do we include a distant senior in our events? 

Tap a button to play the video!

Your Moments

Take photos and shoot videos in the moment.

Choose photos and video from your mobile device.

Import from your social media account.

Your Playlist

Quickly assemble photos and videos into a Playlist.

Easily personalize your Playlist by adding text, graphical shapes and your own recorded voice-over narrative.

Add impact by using visual actions like fade-in and fade-out.

Your Story

Securely share to your recipient with a single tap.

Playlists can be played automatically and "hands free" upon receipt.

Your playlists are saved to the recipient's device so they can enjoy them over and over.

Mobile Phone

Are you interested in trying the app?

The app is currently available for Android devices.  Tap the button below to download the app to your Android device (an iOS version is coming soon!).

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